Monday, June 29, 2015

sriracha updates from the field

As you regular readers know I have started selling my sriracha online. I tried adding a little widget on the blog here to facilitate that and a few of you placed orders but the widget was whack....widgetty whack to be precise. It never worked quite right. I am sure its me not the

At any rate I have a real website now as well as an Etsy store.

I added links over there on the right hand side.

Check them out. Place an order if you like. Tell you friends. if you like. or not.

Just to warn you there is honey in the sriracha and the sriracha honey mustard which should go without saying but I don't want to bum anyone out who doesn't eat honey.



Saturday, April 25, 2015

this fermented life

I have been making sriarcha. It started a few years ago with a simple recipe my friend Matteo gave me. I have evolved that simple raw chili sauce recipe into a fermented and cooked version. It has the texture you were trained on with Huy Fong Rooster sauce but unlike that mass-produced-but-still-incredibly-tasty-and-eye-opening predecessor this is made entirely by hand. My hands. Sometimes my daughters hands. I usually buy between 20-40 pounds of chile peppers for each batch. I chop up the chiles and add garlic, brown sugar, and redmond real salt. I ferment each batch, stirring and checking daily until its done fermenting. Usually 9-14 days. Each batch is unique and on its own schedule. I then add apple cider vinegar and it gets a very quick cooking time. Next I add honey and puree the sauce. Lastly I push it through a sieve and bottle it.

Each batch is of a single pepper varietal. Past offerings: Red Fresno (mild), Red Habanero (very hot), Recoto/Manzano (hot)

Oh yeah. I also make a sriracha honey mustard. Its starts life as a very high-quality-french-made smooth-textured dijon. I blend casa eksouzian sriracha and honey into it  to create the most unbelievable sriracha boosted honey dijon I've ever tasted. Amazing on anything mustard goes on not limited to but delicious on potatoes, sandwiches, salads, dressings, sauces, stir-fry, burgers, sausage, hot dogs, a spoon, etc....

So that's what I have been up to on the food front. I may share a recipe from time to time. I am still interested in health, movement, and eating well.

If you like spicy food I hope you will try my srirachas. 

For now this is a person to person business. The only place you can buy it is from me.

Spread the word for those who know. For those who care. For those that eat like they give a shit.